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Welcome to the very first podcast series with Inspiring African Travel. 

In this series, we’ll bring you seven episodes sharing fascinating stories from inspiring women. Women who have broken down gender barriers and forged successful careers in the Africa tourism industry. We hope you will enjoy it! 

James, Julia and Stuart from Inspiring African Travel

About Inspiring African Travel

Hello everyone and welcome to Inspiring African Travel with James, Julia and Stuart.

There are so many entertaining, inspiring, passionate and powerful individuals out there working in and around tourism in Africa that we just don’t hear about. This podcast is about bringing their uplifting stories to you. Stories of female empowerment and local tourism ownership. Stories of conservation heroes fighting to protect our wildlife. Stories of travel adventures and their experiences in travelling through Africa. And so much more…

We will bring you interviews with people who will inspire you about travel through Africa, and the incredible things we can achieve through Responsible tourism!

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the journey with Inspiring African Travel!

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Season 1, Episode 7    |   29min

Mana Meadows

We talk to Mana Meadows about her journey as a local travel writer and photographer

For the final episode of our first series, we caught up with Zimbabwean travel writer & photographer Mana Meadows

We interviewed her in Zambia mid-way through an epic adventure called “Walk Luangwa”. A team of adventurers walking hundreds of kilometers through some of Africa’s wildest National Parks raising funds for NGO’s involved in conservation, tourism, and local community development, who have all been so badly affected by the COVID crisis. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please check out the Walking Luangwa page as well as their Instagram and Facebook accounts (@walkluangwa2020). You can also follow the tag #walkluangwa2020, and Remote Africa (@remoteafrica).

Mana is an all-out inspiring women and Africa is in her blood. So much so, her father named her after their favourite place in Africa – Mana Pools in Zimbabwe.  She’s an extremely talented writer and as we draw this first season to a close, she shares her stories of inspiring women and we talk about our take on the road ahead for female equality in travel. 

You can see more of Mana’s work and portfolios on and follow her on @mana_meadows as well as her new organisation @conservationstorytelling. She also talks about her most inspiring woman Chido Govera who founded The Future of Hope Foundation and has done talks all over the world sharing her story to success. 

Mana Meadows

Season 1, Episode 6    |   35min

Aggie Banda


In episode six of our series Women In Travel, we speak to a delightful lady called Aggie.

She is the manager of a 5-star lodge called Royal Chundu set on the banks of the Zambezi River, just upriver from the incredible Victoria Falls in Zambia.

Aggie talks to us about what she learned in becoming a manager, an entrepreneur, and a leader in community-based tourism initiatives from their little piece of paradise in Zambia.

She also talks to us about their online store which has been selling authentic Zambian products during the COVID-19 pandemic to help support local community members who are without income due to the lack of travel in Zambia . 

We hope you enjoy this interview with the lovely Aggie!

Aggie Banda from Royal Chundu in Zambia

Season 1, Episode 5    |   31min

Mpho Keromang

Hear Mpho's journey to working at TSL College and her passion for tourism & hospitality training.

Episode 5 is with Mpho Keromang from TSL College in Botswana. Mpho is a Woman in Travel with a natural gift for what she does.

After starting as an apprentice lodge manager in the Okavango Delta she quickly realised her passion lies in training. Mpho’s spent many years developing the skills of local citizens to help them advance their careers in tourism and in this episode she shares some great stories in her experience getting to where she is today.

Mpho from TSL College in Botswana

Season 1, Episode 4    |   38min

Dr Tempe Adams


In the first series of Inspiring African Travel, we talk to Women in Travel. We interview women who share their stories of female empowerment in tourism and inspiring us about travel in Africa.

In this episode we take a quick detour from Women in Travel to speak to an inspiring Woman in Conservation.

Dr. Tempe Adams works with Elephants Without Borders. An NGO dedicated to the protection and conservation of Africa’s elephants through a variety of innovative research and educational studies.

Her role in the organisation is working with communities in helping them live and farm within wildlife areas.

Talking to Dr Tempe Adams from Elephants Without Borders

Season 1, Episode 3    |   23min

Gorata Nyame

Journey to becoming a lodge manager at one of Botswana’s busiest Lodge

In the first series of Inspiring African Travel, we talk to Women in Travel. We interview women who share their stories of female empowerment in tourism and inspiring us about travel in Africa.

In episode 3 we meet Gorata Nyame from Botswana. Gorata started as a waitress at Camp Okavango in 2017 and within 1-year was awarded two company accolades for outstanding performance!

A year after that she was on the management team and she was shortlisted for the RISE Africa award in Cape Town… an award celebrating young upcoming stars from the African tourism industry.

Gorata is a lovely young women …she has a burning desire to be successful and a great future ahead! We hope you enjoy her chat with James.

More about Desert & Delta Safaris

More about Desert & Delta Safaris


Created in 1982, Desert & Delta Safaris is considered the most established safari circuit in Botswana. At the heart of what we do is developing the human potential of tourism in this remarkable country by offering a true wilderness experience in some of the most pristine conservation areas in Africa.

Today they own eight premier safari properties all managed by local citizens. They offer stunning luxury accommodation with warm local hospitality and the renowned locations in Botswana famous for the diversity of experience.

Season 1, Episode 2    |    37min

Vihemba Vasco

Becoming Bush Ways Botswana Marketing Manager

In the first series of Inspiring African Travel, we talk to Women in Travel. We interview women who share their stories of female empowerment in tourism and inspiring us about travel in Africa.

In this episode James interviews Vihemba Vasco – the marketing manager at Bush Ways Botswana based in Maun. Vee as she is known is a strong, determined woman. Virtually her whole family work in tourism and Vee is no exception.

She’s not afraid to speak her mind and her confidence has been the driving force behind her success. She shares with us the frustrations of being a young female professional and not been taken seriously but then how her tenacity paid off.

Vee is definitely an inspiring woman. We hope you enjoy this episode.

More about Bush Ways Botswana

More about Bush Ways Botswana

Maun — Botswana

Since its establishment in 1996, Bush Ways has been offering exceptional bush experiences and safari adventures with a difference. We take you on authentic safaris reminiscent of the traditional African expeditions of olden days.

Experience the wild in its purest form. Immerse yourself in the most pristine surroundings. Get closer than ever to untouched nature. Discover those unique cultures for whom wilderness is home. Explore one of the last natural havens on our planet and observe its thriving wildlife.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    33min

In the first series of Inspiring African Travel, we talk to Women in Travel. We interview women who share their stories of female empowerment in tourism and inspiring us about travel in Africa.

Florence Kagiso is a professional guide at Chobe Game Lodge in Northern Botswana. At the age of 24, Florence joined the lodge as the properties only female guide. She was the only woman in a team of 12 men.

In this episode, Florence talks to us about her days growing up and what inspired her to be a leading guide in a male-dominated industry.

We hope you enjoy this talk and our very first episode.

More about Chobe Game Lodge

More about Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe National Park - Botswana

Chobe Game Lodge is an elegant, five-star, fully Ecotourism-certified safari lodge and the only property located inside the world-renowned Chobe National Park and set on the banks of the famous Chobe River.

Immerse yourself in an all-encompassing safari on land and water in one of Africa’s primary wildlife destinations as the Chobe Game Lodge staff share their passion and explore the diversity of Botswana’s Chobe National Park with you.

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