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In this series, we’ll bring you seven episodes sharing fascinating stories from local heroes making a positive impact in the tourism industry. From fascinating journeys of success and inspiring personal journeys, we have some fascinating stories to share with you. 

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Hello everyone and welcome to Inspiring African Travel with James, Julia and Stuart.

There are so many entertaining, inspiring, passionate and powerful individuals out there working in and around tourism in Africa that we just don’t hear about. This podcast is about bringing their uplifting stories to you. Stories of female empowerment and local tourism ownership. Stories of conservation heroes fighting to protect our wildlife. Stories of travel adventures and their experiences in travelling through Africa. And so much more…

We will bring you interviews with people who will inspire you about travel through Africa, and the incredible things we can achieve through Responsible tourism!

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the journey with Inspiring African Travel!

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Season 2, Episode 6    |   31 min

Michael Kamerika - Ongava Private Game Reserve

From humble beginnings to expert guide at Ongava Private Game Reserve, meet Michael Kamerika

In our final episode of series 2 we speak to Michael Kamerika from the Ongava Private Game Reserve in Namibia. We talk to Michael about his journey into the travel industry starting from humble beginnings on a family farm. He tells us about the impact guiding has had on his life and his passion for Rhino & conservation. The Ongava Private Game Reserve, which is located just outside the world famous Etosha National Park, has been instrumental in protecting and conserving Namibia’s black and white rhino population.

With the exceptional rains in Namibia this year, Michael paints a beautiful picture of seeing the desert in full colour. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the podcast please do so you can catch this episode and all that we have planned after series 2 will be revealed soon!

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Michael from Ongava Game Reserve

Season 2, Episode 5    |   25 min

Musa Mbatha - Babanango Game Reserve

With a passion for conservation and community development, Musa has a facinating story to share

This gentleman is Musa Mbatha – a good proud Zulu man who is the reserve manager for Babanango Game Reserve in the heart of Kwa-Zulu Natal. We loved talking to him and he is brimming with passion for the new venture and his love for tourism and conservation.  

From a young age, Musa took a keen interest in conservation has worked in tourism all his life. Most recently he has worked closely with the project managers behind the establishment of a new game reserve – Babanango. A phenomenal community empowered project returning areas of farming to pristine natural ecosystems. Musa has been the go-to man for establishing the game reserve and liaising with the local communities. The Inspiring African Travel team certainly learned a lot about this area through Musa’s interview and it is so encouraging to discover what good old enthusiasm and collaboration can achieve in creating successful tourism operations that preserve our wild areas and empower the people. Enjoy this and be sure to follow the team from Babanango on social media. 

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Musa Mbatha from Babanango Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal

Season 2, Episode 4    |   31min

Vincent Kokomane - Double Tracks Africa

Determined to be successful from a young age, Vincent has worked his way up the tourism ladder

Meet Vincent Kokomane. Determined to be successful from a young age, Vincent has worked his way up the tourism ladder from the very beginning. 

As a young boy from a small village in Botswana, Vincent would spend his youth walking into expensive hotels in South Africa and dream about working in hospitality. He applied his ambition with his infectious personality and before long he was in marketing, then management and established his own travel company called Double Tracks Africa a few years ago. In this episode we learn how the private sector together with government support through responsible tourism development can empower the local citizens of Africa.  

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Season 2, Episode 3, Part 2   |   36min

John Kata - Desert & Delta Safaris

Born and raised in the Okavango Delta, John Kata has an incredible journey to share

Part two of our journey following the lives of this amazing pair of local heroes in tourism in Africa.

Towards the end of John’s proud career working at Camp Okavango, he mentored his nephew as he began his career in tourism.
We hear more from his nephew, Mc Odumetse, about his early days coming into tourism as a barman to becoming Operations Director of one of the most successful safari groups in Botswana.

We chat more with Mc and his amazing uncle John about the early days of life in the Okavango Delta and their stories and love for the place.

Two great people showing the story of low-impact responsible tourism on the precious ecosystems but importantly the lives of the citizens of Africa.

Thank you John and Mc!

MC - Operations Director at Chobe Holdings

Season 2, Episode 3, Part 1   |   25min

John Kata - Desert & Delta Safaris

Born and raised in the Okavango Delta, John Kata has an incredible journey to share

For our next interview we are trying something slightly different. We’re taking you on a journey with two remarkable individuals who have made their mark on the travel industry.

John Kata was born into a nomadic community living off the land in the Okavango Delta. When his family moved down to a town a few hundred kilometres away to start a new life, John remained behind to help build one of the country’s most established luxury safari properties – Camp Okavango. This was 1980. In 2019 after nearly 40-years of guiding international visitors through this remarkable wilderness, John retired from that very same camp.

Possibly the Botswana’s longest serving member of staff in the safari sector. We’re also joined by his nephew Mc Odumetse who after losing his father at a young age has always looked up to John as his father figure. Mc started in tourism as a waiter and went on to guiding. Today Mc is the director of operations for Chobe Holdings which owns and operates 13 top end safari camps and lodges in the region.

In order to take you on this journey to really uncover the story we asked Mc to translate for his uncle John as we explore his history and the early days to where we are today. Two wonderful people – absolute local heroes in tourism that really epitomise what this series is all about. We hope you enjoy!

John Khata from Desert & Delta Safaris

Season 2, Episode 2    |   28min

Barbara - Wild Horizons

Barbara shares her story to becoming a chartered accountant and entering the travel industry

If you haven’t caught our first series – Women in Travel – please do have a listen. In this first episode of Local Heroes in tourism in Africa we wanted to bring you another amazing woman. Barbara spent her childhood helping her single mother tend the fields and walk hours and hours to school every day. Her mother sacrificed everything to help Barbara take an opportunity to get a sponsorship and higher education. After that there was no stopping her and she pledged the rest of her career ensuring she helps others get the same opportunity.

Through her company Wild Horizons in Zimbabwe who run an incredible tourism operation, she works extremely close with the directors managing all aspects of the business including the charitable work. Along with the hundreds of children that Wild Horizons support, Barbara along supports 17 children. She is a true icon when it comes to understanding how tourism benefits the local community. Well done Barbara for all your commitment and enjoy this powerful chat with this remarkable lady!

Barbara from Wild Horizons
Discovering Victoria Falls with Wild Horizons


Wild Horizons is the top adventure tour operator in Victoria Falls, dedicated to showcasing the many attractions on offer in this extraordinary part of the world. With a collection of unique luxury safari lodges including The Elephant Camp, Old Drift Lodge and Imbabala Zambezi Safari Lodge, Wild Horizons is perfectly suited to assist with your Victoria Falls experience from start to finish. You can discover more on the  Wild Horizons website and follow them on your favourite social media channel. 

Season 2, Episode 1    |   29min

Introducing Series Two - Local Heroes in Tourism

James, Julia and Stuart talk about the next series on the Inspiring African Travel Podcast

Our interviews meeting inspiring people in the African travel industry is back with series 2 – Local Heroes in tourism in Africa.

We have spent a lot of time getting hold of some lovely people with inspiring stories about their journey in African tourism. We bring you the people who do not normally have the platform to share their story. The next series will not only take you on journeys through the lives of people wonderful people from Africa, but they will also inspire you about the beautiful destination and the good that tourism can do for the communities and protected areas.

We interview a man who was born within a nomadic community living in a remote part of the Okavango Delta. A man who went from a community of hunter gatherers living off the land to becoming a professional guide and ultimately mentoring his beloved nephew to become an industry leader in the safari business in the country.

A wonderful woman speaks to us about her tough upbringing in the highlands of Zimbabwe helping her mother tend the fields while walking everyday, sometimes two hours each way just to get to school.

We meet a man who is helping create a brand new game-reserve and conservation area in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He was born on the very same land that is now becoming a community involved project in re-wilding this stunning area.

Just a few of the Local Heroes that will be sharing their inspiring stories with us as we bring you closer to the beauty of our continent and the people involved in tourism here.

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